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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

- Saint Augustine

Have you ever been watching a movie and immediately recognized the location? I mean the exact table at the restaurant in Rome? Or the exact suite in the hotel outside of London? To know what is just beyond the frame; down the street; around the corner. It is a powerful feeling!

The insight that you gain from traveling is priceless. When you see first-hand how people live, what they eat, what surrounds them, you can understand them better. Travel can also surprise you with things you have never had occasion to ponder - OF COURSE the Big Dipper can't be seen in Australia. But the moon can be. Hmmm.

I believe people travel to add to the repository of joyful experiences that they will carry in their memories throughout their lives. Travel facilitates the creation of shared memories of a particular place, time and experience with family and friends - memories that will be revisited over a lifetime. As the saying goes, “Travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer.”

Beyond the Frame Travels partners with you to make the big milestone trips happen, and to help you experience the insight, power and joy that travel brings to life.



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So you want to hike the Cinque Terre, hang out with koalas or walk through European capitals but aren't sure where to start? THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN.


We are here to give you the vacation you deserve - an expertly designed trip that will have you seeing beyond the frame, and the luxury to enjoy the experience without worry. 

Venice gondolas


Do you have an idea of where you want to go but aren't sure what your days will look like - how you will get around? What kind of food will we eat? What you will do there? Or do you just want to daydream?


We invite you to browse sample itineraries from some of our favorite places . Let us paint the picture of what your tailored journey could look like!

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"Mary Pat took away all of my worries about traveling abroad with my son. Not only did she organize and book the airlines, she was also fully invested in finding us the ideal place to stay in London. It was a fantastic trip - and I owe it all to Mary Pat and her wonderful and insightful guidance and expertise."

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Frame Discover Process Beyond the Frame Travels



Complete our Vacation in Focus planning form and let's schedule a complimentary discovery call.

Frame Discuss Process Beyond the Frame Travels



We chat! We will get to know each other and you tell us all about that travel picture in your head. We will start discussing destinations and experiences, and provide a quote for your custom-designed itinerary.

Frame Decide Process Beyond the Frame Travels



As soon as you have paid for my travel advisory service, we get to work on some ideas to make your picture a reality.

Frame Design Process Beyond the Frame Travels



We present you with our proposed itinerary and work together to fine-tune it so it is exactly as you picture it. 

Frame Depart Process Beyond the Frame Travels



While you are out experiencing life beyond the frame, we are literally "in your pocket" via our online itinerary app. It will update you on any flight changes, give you directions to all of your activities, and allow you to contact us quickly should you need to.

Frame Download Process Beyond the Frame Travels Feedback



We will reach out to you once you have returned home to hear about your trip, to get feedback on what you loved, and to help you paint the picture of your next experience!

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