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Hello, and welcome to Beyond the Frame Travels!

I'm Mary Pat Rosewicz, founder and owner of the company. I am also a wife, a mother of a teenage boy, an animal lover and a passionate traveler (although that last part hasn’t always been true).


I never told anyone, but travel scared me. I didn’t like traveling by myself or being out of my comfort zone. One day I was in Los Angeles, CA for work. I had a two-hour window where I could choose to stay in my hotel room or figure out how to get to the beach and take a walk. It was then that I decided to not let my fear win, and to make the most of the opportunities in front of me versus wasting them. I took the walk.


A couple of years later, that mindset was really put to the test. I was offered a job as an overseas consultant. I would be traveling to foreign countries, by myself, and staying for several weeks. Sometimes it was not a primarily English-speaking country. Yikes!

Long story short, I took the job, worked in several countries, scared myself to death, survived it, and gained many priceless experiences. I also learned how important travel is in educating our views of the world.


I believe it is easier to understand historical and current events once you have seen how other people live. It is fun, too!

Stoke Park bedroom

The best way to describe my travel philosophy is with this story:

I attended the wedding of friends at a resort about 30 minutes outside of London, England. The couple had secured the Bridal Suite, which consisted of a large living room and bedroom. The bride and her friends relaxed and got ready for the wedding here.


Fast forward about two years. The movie “Bridget Jones’ Diary” was released. I was watching it in the theater with my sister-in-law and niece; all of the sudden, I recognized the bedroom! We waited to watch the credits and sure enough, that was the same room!

It was strangely joyful to have experienced a place that is depicted in books and movies, powerful because I have actually BEEN there, and insightful because I have seen what surrounds it! I can't wait to help you help you have similar experiences.

Some fun facts about me...

Mary Pat Rosewicz Cliffs of Moher Beyond the Frame Travels
  • I love stout beer, especially if it has a hint of coffee flavor! A great experience is drinking a pint of Guinness at the St. James Gate in Dublin.

  • I started college on a Chemistry scholarship, graduated with a French degree, and ended up with my MBA. You could say I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up, or that I love to learn (both are true!)

  • I am married to an identical twin. Seriously. Even their voices are the same.

  • I have been to wineries in many parts of the world, but Napa Valley is still my favorite. I am a big, bold, California Cabernet Sauvignon girl at heart.

  • I didn't get bit by the travel bug until I was in my 30's. It is never too late to start!

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