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Beyond the Frame Travels excels in designing and planning personalized independent travel. The kind of travel where you can throw a dart at a map and wherever it lands, we can make it happen. Or throw a lot of darts and move around from place to place, doing only what you want to do, when you want to do it, as fast or as slow as you like - on your own or within your travel pod. In today's world, that has become very important. 

we also work with clients
on many other types of travel!​

Do you want the camaraderie of traveling with a larger group and meeting new people? We partner with luxury tour companies and can help you find the right itinerary with the right options at the right price. 

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Luxury cruises and island getaways are on many people's minds these days. We can take that picture in your head and turn it into reality!

Wine travel is one of our favorite things to plan! I have visited many different wineries in several different regions, both foreign and domestic. I will tell you what makes each special, arrange for private tastings and tours, and tell you what else there is to experience, just around the corner!

From individualized adventure trips - hiking through the rainforest to golf and tennis getaways - people are ready to get out of the house and be more active in the great outdoors! We know the select spots.

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Beyond the Frame Travels are travel consultants. From the moment you contact us, we work WITH you to plan and design travels that are unique to YOU

In addition to custom design, every client receives the same high level of service and support, regardless of the itinerary:

  • Passport Validity

  • Entry, Visa and Driver's License Requirements

  • Traveler Safety

  • Destination Nuances

  • Travel Insurance

  • Registration with the STEP Program

  • Supplier Rewards Programs

  • Trusted Traveler Numbers

  • Mobile and/or Printed Itineraries with all Travel Documents

  • 24/7 Support While Traveling

Why pay a travel design fee?

Because experience, education, and connections matter when planning travel!

  • Our research and design fees are determined after the initial complimentary consultation and are dependent on the complexity of the itinerary, duration and number of travelers, and begin at $500.

  • Our primary compensation comes through commissions paid by our suppliers (hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, etc.) Suppliers include travel advisor commissions in their published prices. Even if you do all the work yourself without a travel advisor's assistance, the suppliers "pocket" the difference. 

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